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April 2014 Vol.5 / No.3

Finally! APM vendors design tools with networking pros in mind

Whenever users complain about an application being slow, the network is always first to be blamed. And yet network engineers often have limited visibility into any issues because application performance management (APM) tools have traditionally been designed for developers who better understand application architectures. But a new wave of network-based APM tools is opening up a whole new level of visibility for networking teams. In this issue of Network Evolution, we look at how new approaches to APM are empowering networking pros to become part of the resolution process.

Also in this issue, we talk to some early adopters of 802.11ac and discuss how Gigabit Wi-Fi may affect their wired networks. And lastly, we take a hard look at what makes a video conferencing deployment succeed. Although travel reduction is often considered a leading driver, enterprises say it's not the biggest benefit in the end.

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