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November 2017, Vol. 8, No. 9

Network specialist career development includes business knowledge

The first striking thing about Jedadiah Casey is his passion for learning. It's a good thing he has such a passion, because his journey to becoming an expert-level network specialist, as he explains, requires extensive reading and learning. Starting as a PC technician, it wasn't until he was in his 30s that Casey explored a network specialist career. As he's studied, become certified and built his experience, Casey said he sees a breadth and depth to networking that he's eager to tackle. "My background taught me that knowing networking was simply adjacent to systems administration, which, of course, is not true," he said. A network engineer for Rotech Healthcare Inc., a home medical equipment and respiratory treatment supplier in Orlando, Fla., Casey manages connections to several critical rural health settings. Maintaining reliable network services is vital to make sure health services are delivered on time. We chatted with Casey about his work and got his insights into what it takes to develop a network specialist career. ...

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