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November 2017, Vol. 8, No. 9

Network hardware components scrutinized as apps move to cloud

The former CIO of the Federal Communications Commission, David Bray, is proud to say his IT team is increasingly spending less of its time on network hardware and more on delivering mission results. His proof is an empty server room in Washington, D.C., that used to house 70 racks filled to the brim with servers, storage, switches, cabling and other network infrastructure. The FCC, like many organizations, has adopted cloud and software-driven strategies that reduce the need for floor-to-ceiling racks and rows of networking gear in their own data centers. Where once Bray's team was responsible for the "day-to-day care and feeding" of physical network hardware boxes, today, it's a different story. A service provider now manages the FCC's network hardware components -- minus a few high-capacity switches for internet access -- and the agency subscribes, where possible, to software as a service. The transfer of functions from on-premises hardware to server farms housed in external data centers comes as businesses look for ways to ...

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