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Special Edition, October 2017, Vol. 1, No. 4

How to become a network architect, from those who did it

As a kid growing up in Southern California in the 1970s, Bill Dugger saw three possible futures for himself. He would become a landscaper, an electrical engineer or a helicopter pilot when he grew up. But life took a different turn once he began tinkering with his stepfather's Atari and Commodore computers and discovered his love of technology. Starting in the IT industry as a telephone technician when he was 19, Dugger expanded his skills over the years and learned to install cable, build small LANs, provide desktop support, manage servers, design larger networks, work in data centers and dabble in disaster recovery. Dugger, now 44, is a senior manager of network engineering at BeachBody LLC, a fitness company in Santa Monica. Despite the title, his role is more akin to an architect than an engineer, because of its focus on building roadmaps, understanding business operations and applying his knowledge about how the different facets of IT interact. "I try to find opportunities that are going to allow me to use the skills and ...

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