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Special Edition, October 2017, Vol. 1, No. 4

Cloud-based networking becomes a reality

Enterprises have been hearing about cloud-based networking for years, mostly as something that was on the horizon and not as something to be concerned about quite yet. But as more companies turn to public and private cloud options, it's time for IT managers to consider the impact cloud-based networking has on their operations. Software and virtualization are taking precedence over physical network infrastructure, as IT managers discuss in our cover story, "Networking trends 2017: Cloud, wireless, pace change." Companies are moving to replace costly equipment with software-defined technology and cloud services, like analytics and network management functions. But moving to cloud-based networking is more of a step-by-step process rather than a tear down the house and build anew approach. According to Seattle-based Uptime Institute, a research and consulting organization aimed at maximizing efficiency and uptime in data centers and IT organizations, enterprises are moving to the cloud workload-by-workload and assessing applications...

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