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August 2014 Vol.5 / No. 5

Context makes network security policy smarter, but not easier

Traditional approaches to network security are no longer sufficient to combat today's advanced threats. Attacks now target users and applications, and experts say an approach called context-aware security is essential to the defense. That's because a context-based model dynamically adapts network security policy based on how an activity correlates to known patterns of behavior, identity, data classification and device profiles. But it's an approach that's best for enterprises with mature security programs, as discussed in this edition of Network Evolution. Network security teams that use context-based strategies without having done the upfront architecture work are set up for failure.

Also in this issue, we find network engineers easing into software-defined networking (SDN) with a hybrid model that gradually or partially introduces SDN into a legacy networking environment. And finally, find out why several networking pros say learning a programming language is now vital.

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