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November 2016 Vol. 7, No. 9

Networked cloud emerges to meet evolving infrastructure needs

The networked cloud is slowly emerging as the answer to any number of enterprise questions. In some cases, organizations deploy cloud networking technologies to more effectively manage applications as they migrate to the cloud. Other companies are easing into a networked cloud model as an efficiency measure because they lack the IT staff to manage their own infrastructure or the in-house security expertise to keep it secure. Art Chernobrov, manager of identity access and messaging for Hyatt Hotels Corp., said Hyatt turned to cloud networking and management software to more effectively run networked communications between 60 hotels in China and the company's headquarters back in North America. Chernobrov's team deployed Aviatrix Gateways -- software that creates secure network tunnels between multiple sites, branches and clouds -- at a Microsoft Azure regional facility in China. He said each Hyatt hotel in China has a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance firewall at the edge of the network, and those devices can only do static ...

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