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Special Edition, April 2017, Vol. 1, No. 2

Vive la revolution! New wide area network technologies usher in change

Hamilton might be today's Broadway darling, but let's not forget about the smash hit musical that first set political revolution to song -- Les Misérables. But what does Jean Valjean have to do with networking, you ask? Well, a revolution of sorts is underway in the enterprise, as new wide area network technologies help IT pros defy the tyranny of expensive, inflexible MPLS links. And like the revolutionaries of Les Mis, many network managers have long yearned to take control of their own (WAN) destinies. It seems their moment has finally come. So can we expect Wide Area Network: The Musical on Broadway? Sadly, perhaps not. We can anticipate, however, that the changes afoot in the WAN will continue to accelerate, and that's a good thing. Today's wide area network technologies give enterprise IT pros the ability to create agile, secure, cost-effective networks capable of adapting to keep up with evolving organizational needs. From software-defined WAN and cloud technologies to virtualized appliances, an array of new tools gives ...

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