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Special Edition, April 2017, Vol. 1, No. 2

The WAN revolution: Wide area network design marches forward

When CB Alliance -- a boutique private equity firm based in New York -- acquired the Latin American operations of business services company Dun & Bradstreet last fall, it inherited an MPLS network that connected nine offices across eight countries. In some places, 40 co-workers shared a single, painfully slow internet connection. "[We] had to come up with a creative solution to make it all work," said Yoni Cohen, vice president of technology at CB Alliance. The company turned to Cato Cloud, a cloud-based, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) service from Cato Networks. Using Cato's wide area network design, CB Alliance saw download speeds increase tenfold, and upload speeds increased a whopping 60 times over. Cohen said the new service comes with a 99% service-level agreement guarantee, at about the same price as the company previously paid for its MPLS links. The advantages of cloud-based SD-WAN go beyond faster internet speeds, he added. Managing smaller sites -- an office with just a couple people, for example, or a single employee ...

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