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Feburary 2013 - Vol 4/ No.1

Four IT shops, four approaches to BYOD network security

Devising a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security plan would be simple if it merely involved granting network access based on user identity, device or location. But a solid BYOD network security application would consider all of these factors -- and that’s a tall order. At this point, since there is no proven singular solution, IT shops are instead patching together various tools that range from mobile device management (MDM) to network access control (NAC) and even out-of-band management systems. Executives at four educational institutions we interviewed for this piece would all like to control hundreds or even thousands of personal devices in an automated way so they aren’t burdened by installing software on each client. From there, they’d like to granularly control access depending on a combination of identity and device factors. But each executive is taking a different path to reach that goal. MDM Tools Are Promising, But Not A Total Solution All four executives interviewed were already using or evaluating MDM tools. These ...

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