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Feburary 2013 - Vol 4/ No.1

BYOD challenges that lurk beyond network security

To many IT pros, bring your own device (BYOD) is an overused marketing term that should be put to rest. But there is no escaping the fact that droves of users are bringing their smartphones and tablets to work and causing BYOD challenges that fall right into the laps of network managers -- and the issues go well beyond security issues. BYOD challenge #1: Network security Security is clearly at the top of every list of BYOD challenges, and it's most often the factor preventing enterprises from adopting a BYOD strategy. The Wenatchee Valley Medical Center in Washington state, for example, has declined to embrace BYOD because of security concerns. Instead, the hospital system only allows smartphones that meet stringent security requirements to access email and calendar systems via McAfee's Enterprise Mobility Management product. "Protecting patient health information is a top priority, and consumer-grade devices have simply not evolved to the point where that information can be reasonably secured on any personal widget that comes ...

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