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October 2011 Vol. 2, No. 5

Can your security strategy handle networked facilities management?

In part one of this series on the convergence of energy and facilities management with Ethernet networks, we explored the benefits and challenges of IP-based building management systems. In part two, we discuss the security challenges that arise from networked facilities management. For most IT professionals, converged networks are a good thing. Whether we're talking about convergence of data and voice networks, data and storage networks -- or more recently, data and facilities or power management networks -- convergence means more flexibility and lower costs by managing one less network. But networked facilities management systems bring with them new network security concerns. For security professionals, two networks mean physical separation or a clear demarcation point -- the gateway between two networks -- for security controls. Convergence means collapsing two security zones into one and having to keep them logically separated. Whenever convergence happens, security professionals must determine how to maintain logical ...

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