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Special Edition, August 2014

Internet of Things security: Who is responsible and how is it done?

Advocates say the Internet of Things is a multitrillion dollar business opportunity, but it's also a potential disaster for privacy and safety. Before we connect everything around us to the Internet, we need to think about security. Internet of Things security is difficult to discuss because the concept is so immense. When you make "everything" IP-connected, how do you lock all of that down? Cars, cows, oil rigs, medical devices, refrigerators. There is no perimeter that can encircle all of that. "The challenge we have is that each of those areas is really pretty separate," said Bret Hartman,  "The technologies working in those areas tend to focus specifically on their own area. It's not going to be one-size-fits-all for [Internet of Things] security." Companies and individuals will also find that they lose a lot of control over where their data is and where it is going. When consumerization struck the enterprise, power and control over data and connectivity shifted from IT to the user. IT is still adapting to that shock. Now ...

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