Your manual to the modern cloud computing network

Last updated:February 2015

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Editor's note

How does cloud computing affect the network? A short question, but the answers are many and varied. This collection examines the subject of cloud computing networks from many angles, from the basics of terminology to the latest advances, like software-defined networking. If your enterprise is considering the cloud, or already there, this guide is essential for you.

1Connecting to the cloud

There are so many basic cloud variations -- private, public, hybrid -- and so many ways in which vendors and enterprises can use them. At the core, though, is cloud networking -- that is, connecting the cloud to those on the network who need to use it. This module looks the details of developing your approach to cloud networking.

2WAN and the cloud

Where do the cloud and the wide area network (WAN) intersect in your enterprise? And how do you get the best performance from each? This module breaks it all down and guides you to the best way to use cloud with your WAN.

3SDN and the cloud

Software-defined networking (SDN) is key to the future of networking, and it seems poised to solve a lot of thorny cloud-network issues too. This section looks at how SDN will affect the network, cloud security, data centers, and consider, too, how OpenFlow factors in.

4Security and the cloud

When it comes to computers, and networks, security is always a top issue. This module offers a primer on security in cloud computing and how to make sure your cloud-connected network stays safe.