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What you need to know about application performance monitoring tools

This Essential Guide will give you an in-depth view into application performance monitoring (APM) and why the technology is crucial for observing how well applications run to provide users the best experience.


More complex, more distributed and more dynamic than ever before, the modern IT environment needs application performance management (APM) that matches its agility. Inadequate application performance can directly affect a business, hurting brand image or cutting into revenue as customers struggle to complete transactions.  

In this guide, SearchNetworking brings together knowledge from experts on why application performance is so crucial for businesses and how to approach the task effectively. Read about the distinctions between network and application monitoring and why finding the right network monitoring tool and deploying APM for cloud and mobile apps are so vital to the health of an organization.

1Embrace APM-

Embrace APM: Be proactive

APM is evolving and growing rapidly, shifting from the legacy of monitoring the network infrastructure to one ensuring the user experience performs well. The increased use of the Web, cloud and mobile applications demand complex products for network engineers and managers to track their performance.

There’s a variety of approaches for deploying APM in an organization. Some network engineers need support for traditional methods of tracking the user experience and delivering on performance analytics, while others require the ability to monitor the network while remaining cognizant of the system’s nuances. Check out these resources to learn the basics of APM, why to use it and how the technology is evolving into a network-based model.


Network-based APM: Out with the old, in with new APM approaches

New tools and approaches, like network-based APM, are needed to help IT professionals manage the dynamic, distributed nature of today's applications. Continue Reading


Complex apps need network-based application performance management tools

As more networking pros get pulled into application performance management, they need tools that speak their language. Meet network-based APM. Continue Reading


Time for a network monitoring application? What to look for

You might think that implementing a network monitoring tool is like every other rollout. You would be wrong. Continue Reading


A guide to APM for the network manager

Has application performance management become a much needed discipline for the network manager? We examine the issues for IT departments Continue Reading


Use APM tools to protect revenue, keep customers happy

APM tools make problem solving faster, more efficient and less likely to disrupt the customer experience. Continue Reading

2Monitoring tools-

Find the right monitoring tools

Network engineers are like doctors. They safeguard the network’s health from end-to-end – all the way from the infrastructure and backend to user applications. Choosing the right network monitoring and APM tools requires learning the differences between products and features. It calls for an understanding of the network – its benefits and faults – and grasping the various application performance management metrics needed to determine how the technology can meet the business’ needs.

Once the network engineer understands the different approaches, making application performance monitoring a priority is critical to match the network’s complexity. Businesses rely on quick data collection and analysis to predict when an application might fail. Ensuring IT decides what performance metrics are important for application performance tests, and keeping an eye on other technologies such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) will be crucial towards guaranteeing the network delivers on its promises. Examine these resources for more information.


Many culprits to blame for application performance problems

The answer to diagnosing application performance problems is fully understanding where issues may lie. Continue Reading


What's behind your application performance problems

Glen Kemp illuminates some of the issues that can lead to application performance issues in this two-part series. Continue Reading


Network performance testing considerations for a 40 GbE upgrade

Migrating to 40 GbE will require network performance testing that will take into consideration backplane throughput, jitter and the needs of an FCoE environment. Continue Reading


Network-based application performance monitoring for better visibility

Network-based application performance monitoring differs from old approaches by examining network traffic passing through the data center in real-time to spot and solve issues. Continue Reading


Testing VDI network performance to avoid application meltdown

Ensuring VDI network performance is central to providing a good VDI user experience, so engineers must start by testing the impact of VDI on bandwidth and traffic flow. Continue Reading


Application performance monitoring tools: Three vendor strategies

Application performance monitoring tools match user transaction time to network flow information to identify problems. But APM tools differ widely. Continue Reading

3APM for cloud, mobile apps-

Deploy APM for cloud, mobile apps

APM tools are an essential “must have” technology as organizations migrate their business to a public, private or hybrid cloud model. This requires cloud application developers to pay close attention to the software lifecycle to ensure the application performs well and network engineers to closely monitor those cloud applications. Addressing any performance challenges from cloud applications will enhance the Quality of Experience for users in the organization.

Businesses also require network engineers to have greater visibility into mobile application performance. Bring your own device and the consumerization of IT demand APM tool suppliers to deliver software offering the ability monitor mobile applications for a growing mobile workforce. Read more about APM for the cloud and mobile applications.


How to improve public cloud computing performance over your WAN

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Try these tips for effective cloud APM

In this expert tip, contributor Tom Nolle offers practical advice for successful cloud application performance management in cloud migrations. Continue Reading


Mobile application performance takes center stage

As more businesses move to mobile platforms, enterprises have to make sure their mobile applications perform like they're supposed to. Vendors are trying to address that need with more granular mobile application performance management (APM) tools. Continue Reading


Riverbed APM gets more root cause analytics, mobile visibility

The rebranded Riverbed APM portfolio now includes SteelCentral AppInternals 9.0 with expanded mobile visibility and analytics capabilities. Continue Reading


Compuware APM, now with deeper visibility into mobile, third-party apps

Compuware APM will now include visibility into mobile, Web and enterprise applications on its DC RUM platform. Continue Reading

4Related terms-

Learn related APM key terms

Learn key terms related to APM. Knowing what related technology means enables network engineers to ensure they offer users the best experience for enhancing application performance.

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