Picking the best firewall software, hardware or application

Last updated:September 2014

Editor's note

As network attacks become more sophisticated and damaging, the role the enterprise firewall plays is more critical than ever. Vendors have responded to the new security attack environment by transforming the traditional firewall into nimble and multifaceted software and threat-aware programs. This essential guide walks you through the process of choosing the right firewall for your company, how to set it up and maintain it, and what you need to know about the future of next-generation firewalls.

1Next-gen firewalls: What makes them work

When choosing a firewall for your enterprise, you want the best protection your money can buy. This section covers some of the best enterprise firewalls and describes what you need to know when selecting the best approach for your particular network.

2Firewall implementation and placement

Once you've decided on the right firewall for your enterprise, you'll be tasked with the job of setting it up. To ease the process, check out this list of tips and advice that will help you deploy your firewalls in an increasingly complex networking environment.

3Manage, maintain for best results

It's time to examine firewall management best practices, management policy and overall firewall maintenance. When it comes to next-generation firewalls, there are specific features that can be helpful. Learn when having a multivendor firewall system can benefit your network.

4Enterprise-grade firewalls take the next step

Next-generation firewalls enhance the sophistication of the traditional firewall and bring a new level of protection to the enterprise. But security threats continue to grow. Where are NGFWs headed?