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Picking the best firewall software, hardware or application

As network security threats increase, firewall vendors have adapted to meet enterprise needs. Today, there are a variety of software, hardware and application firewall systems to meet company needs.


As network attacks become more sophisticated and damaging, the role the enterprise firewall plays is more critical than ever. Vendors have responded to the new security attack environment by transforming the traditional firewall into nimble and multifaceted software and threat-aware programs. This essential guide walks you through the process of choosing the right firewall for your company, how to set it up and maintain it, and what you need to know about the future of next-generation firewalls.

1The firewall evolves-

App-based firewalls

With the increased need to upgrade network security, firewalls have transformed from hardware-based security systems to software and application programs. This section focuses on application-based firewalls. Read about the benefits of application proxy firewalls and learn the differences between a proxy firewall and a gateway server firewall.


Variations in firewalls

This introduction to firewalls acquaints you with everything you need to know about what they are, how they work, which types exist, which ones to buy and how to audit network traffic. Continue Reading


Application proxy firewalls: What makes them better?

Proxy firewalls have some definite advantages over firewall technologies such as packet-filtering firewalls and stateful inspection firewalls. Find out what they are and how they can benefit you. Continue Reading


Application firewalls cannot stand alone

Application-layer firewalls need the support of lower-level firewall technology to help defend against low-level and application-aware attacks. Continue Reading


Application proxy vs. gateway server: Which is the better firewall?

Enterprises use different firewalls depending on their network needs. This article explains the functions of two major firewall designs -- application proxy and gateway server -- to help you decide which one is best for your network. Continue Reading

2Laying the groundwork for NGFW-

Next-gen firewalls: What makes them work

When choosing a firewall for your enterprise, you want the best protection your money can buy. This section covers some of the best enterprise firewalls and describes what you need to know when selecting the best approach for your particular network.


Best firewalls of 2013

Find out which enterprise firewalls received top honors from voters this year in Information Security magazine's Readers' Choice 2013 awards. Continue Reading


Find the right firewall for your enterprise

Here are five questions to ask yourself when choosing a firewall for your organization. Continue Reading


Next-gen firewalls: Compare the vendors

Next-generation firewalls offer a lot of services and capabilities. But which vendor offers what you really need? Continue Reading

3Securing your firewall-

Firewall implementation and placement

Once you've decided on the right firewall for your enterprise, you'll be tasked with the job of setting it up. To ease the process, check out this list of tips and advice that will help you deploy your firewalls in an increasingly complex networking environment.


Firewall implementation: Hardware vs. software

When it comes to firewalls, software is cheaper, but hardware is easier to install. Find out what else you need to know. Continue Reading


Three tips for setting up a firewall

Whether you are installing a new firewall or revisiting an old configuration, these three tips will help you set it up or get it re-started -- fast. Continue Reading


Firewall setup: Start at the perimeter

Know where your perimeter security goes, what precautions to be aware of, and how to manage and maintain your firewall. Continue Reading


Virtual firewalls in a real-world infrastructure

Depending on the infrastructure underlying your network, it might be worthwhile to set up virtual firewalls. In a more complex environment, multiple security contexts might be helpful. Continue Reading

4Controlling your firewall-

Manage, maintain for best results

It's time to examine firewall management best practices, management policy and overall firewall maintenance. When it comes to next-generation firewalls, there are specific features that can be helpful. Learn when having a multivendor firewall system can benefit your network.


Firewall management best practices

Follow these best practices when changing your organization's firewall management rule set. Continue Reading


Next-generation firewalls: Assuring control

When you evaluate vendors, what should organizations look for in terms of NGFW management options? Continue Reading


Managing a multivendor firewall system

An expert discusses the limitations of operating a multivendor firewall system. Continue Reading


More capabilities, more complexity

Next-generation firewalls have more capabilities than ever before, but along with those services come a complicated management system. Continue Reading


Protecting your network when ports have to remain open

Sometimes firewall ports have to be kept open for business purposes. How does this mesh with firewall policy management? Continue Reading

5NGFW: securing the enterprise-

Enterprise-grade firewalls take the next step

Next-generation firewalls enhance the sophistication of the traditional firewall and bring a new level of protection to the enterprise. But security threats continue to grow. Where are NGFWs headed?


Firewalls and the era of sophisticated attacks

Firewalls have sufficient capabilities to defend against security threats, but they are only one level of defense. Continue Reading


Can other network security devices replace firewalls?

Learn what one expert says about the future of firewalls. Continue Reading


For NGFWs, fewer features might be better

Even the best firewall systems have their flaws and there is no ‘number 1’ choice. Different products work for organization’s depending on their unique security needs. Continue Reading


Verizon introduces web application firewall

Cloud-based web application firewalls are the new market trend to protect data stored virtually. Verizon joins other telecom companies, Akamai and Imperva, in the pursuit for cloud security. Continue Reading

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