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Next-generation firewalls for modern network security architectures

Last updated:June 2014

Editor's note

As hackers and other data thieves get stealthier, the tools designed to thwart network attacks must also acquire new levels of sophistication. One of the most advanced technologies is the next-generation firewall. The NGFW goes beyond capabilities of either traditional firewalls or intrusion prevent systems, and adds advanced capabilities, such as behavior monitoring.

This Network Classroom examines exactly what advanced protection features NGFWs offer and explains how an NGFW can be used either to replace an existing firewall entirely or as an additional layer of defense. For those networking pros who determine NGFW is what their system needs, the classroom also offers a guide through the maze of vendor offerings.

By taking this classroom, IT pros will gain the necessary knowledge to better protect their enterprise's network and other assets in an increasingly vulnerable world.

1Fitting NGFW into existing network architecture

In this tip, Dave Shackleford considers the number of ways an NGFW can fit into existing enterprise firewall architecture. This review of the most common NGFW deployment scenarios will help network pros determine whether and where NGFW fits into their infrastructure.

2How will NGFW fit in your enterprise security architecture?

Whether to acquire a next-gen firewall is a hot topic right now in IT departments. In this podcast, Dave Shackleford delves more into how an NGFW can be installed in an enterprise security architecture, and outlines the points IT pros must consider as they redesign enterprise architecture for a new generation of security tools.

3How well do you know NGFW?

After watching Dave Shackleford's webcast, reading his tip and listening to the podcast, you should be an expert on the ins and outs of next-generation firewalls. Test your knowledge with this quiz.