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New WAN tools, techniques and methods you need to know

It's a whole new WAN. The wide area network is changing fast, but this guide will help you understand the latest developments.


WAN is the workhorse of your networking "wardrobe," if you will. It's an essential piece of technology that keeps your users happily connected and productive and your enterprise systems going strong. But that doesn't mean WAN is boring; in fact, the new WAN technology is snazzier than ever.

This timeless guide will explain all you need to know to be up to date on WAN basics and the new WAN tools emerging in the market. But we also cover the latest developments: optimization, outsourced management, how the cloud affects the WAN -- it's all here. This guide even has info for those curious about the latest in WAN architecture: the software-defined WAN (SD-WAN).

Read on to get informed on the wide area network of today and the fast-coming future WAN.


Learn how WAN optimization, and its techniques and tools, can work for you

WAN optimization is, in essence, any means for maximizing data flow across any wide area network with the intention of speeding user access to applications and information. In this section, learn how WAN optimization has changed over recent years, new WAN techniques, and tools that can optimize your WAN. Also, get a glimpse at the fast-approaching future of SD-WAN.


The evolution of WAN optimization

The growth of cloud apps and the increased use of Internet over traditional WAN technologies has forced WAN optimization to evolve. Continue Reading


How WAN optimization benefits your apps

These are five ways enterprise WAN optimization technology helps overcome productivity and application issues organizations face in today's workforce. Continue Reading


Protocol spoofing as a WAN optimizing technique

Learn in this expert response what protocol spoofing is and how it can be used as a WAN optimization technique. Continue Reading


What WAN optimization tools does your company need?

Leading WAN optimization product vendors use a variety of techniques to get the job done. Find out who does what and if it's right for you. Continue Reading


More techniques used equals better WAN optimization

When it comes to choosing WAN optimization techniques, more is definitely better. Part two of this three-part series offers up a catalog of optimization options. Continue Reading


The best next steps for WAN optimization

WAN aggregation allows continuous, high-performance networking, and software-defined networking delivers greater security, visibility and control. In this tip, expert John Burke evaluates both technologies to help you better optimize your network. Continue Reading


Why you need to consider WAN aggregation

What is WAN aggregation, and how does it work? Our expert explains why all companies should consider this type of application delivery optimization. Continue Reading


Why SD-WAN is the future of optimization

Enterprises want to drop costly MPLS links but hesitate to lose the control they provide. SD-WAN offers a solution, and WAN optimization brings it to life. Continue Reading

2Managed services-

Outsource your WAN management? Sure!

Thanks to the arrival of cloud, outsourcing WAN management is possible -- and it shouldn't be scary or complex. Learn how others have done it and how to set up server provider management for your WAN.


WAN optimization arrives as a service

When Rieke Packaging Systems tried to roll out a new ERP system, its old MPLS connectivity couldn't deliver the goods. Enter: cloud-based WAN. Continue Reading


Cloud era demands new WAN architecture

Enterprises need to reinvent WAN architecture for cloud services. The data center can no longer be the gateway to the Internet. Continue Reading


Ways to simplify service provider management

If you run a global network, chances are you deal with managing service provider relationships. Use these tips to reduce network complexity. Continue Reading


Do-it-yourself service provider management

IT professionals who handle global networks need to know how to manage service provider relationships. This article explains how to be your own MSP. Continue Reading

3Network performance-

When it comes to WAN, performance is crucial

In many ways the WAN is the workhorse of enterprise communication. Without a well-functioning WAN, work, well, stops. In this segment, learn about the criticality of WAN performance for everything, including the corporate bottom line, and why faster provisioning and rolling WAN optimization, management and security together is a good idea.


Big data requires good WAN management

In order to successfully exploit big data, effective WAN management must be part of the infrastructure puzzle. Continue Reading


When WANs go wrong, the effects are far-reaching

Don't just think of WAN performance in terms of meeting enterprise objectives. WAN failure touches multiple endpoints. Continue Reading


New WAN benefits come from combining optimization, management and security

By searching for solutions that put WAN optimization, management and security together, enterprise IT can reduce company bottom lines and complexity. Continue Reading


Waiting on the new WAN frustrates engineers

It can take one to three months to install a private WAN connection at a new branch office. For many enterprises, that’s just not acceptable anymore. Continue Reading


Analysis needed to meet data center WAN requirements

Understand the storage applications running across your data center WAN links to ensure optimal performance. Continue Reading

4Hybrid and virtualization-

Why WAN is the new black

The WAN is a basic essential. But it's also been updated for the latest styles of work and communication. The new WAN platform of today's enterprise must be flexible and super-responsive. In this section, you'll learn about the new WAN -- which may be virtualized (vWAN) or come in a hybrid form -- and the myriad forces driving its development.


What's a hybrid WAN service, anyway?

When considering hybrid WAN architecture, organizations must focus on the end-user experience and security. Continue Reading


What you must know about hybrid WAN

The ballooning amount of data generated by users and applications is fueling the development of hybrid WANs. Here's what you need to know. Continue Reading


What network pros say about the value of WAN virtualization

SDN blogs: Network professionals talk about the benefits of virtualizing your WAN, why learning about APIs is crucial and when to upgrade to new software. Continue Reading


Remote locations driving vWAN development

Remote offices demand connectivity with the central data center, data-rich services, and cost-effective IT deployments. Enter the vWAN. Continue Reading


The new vWAN threatens traditional WAN design

With vWAN providers changing the traditional three-legged WAN structure, carriers need to develop new WAN plans and services using SDN and NFV to keep enterprises on their networks. Continue Reading


Is now the time to get your WAN software defined?

Is this the decade of software-defined everything? Seems so, and the WAN is no exception. But what exactly is an SD-WAN? This module will explain it all and will help you determine whether your new WAN should be an SD-WAN and, if so, how to make that a reality.


Your new WAN may be an SD-WAN

More than just a buzzword, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is already delivering benefits to early adopters. Skeptics warn, however, it's no magical elixir. Continue Reading


Factors to consider in making the SD-WAN decision

Should you upgrade your wide area network to SD-WAN? Learn what factors you should consider before making the leap. Continue Reading


What SD-WAN means for the enterprise

SD-WAN has a lot of potential for enterprises, especially as developers cobble together custom services and capabilities. Continue Reading


Where to start with SD-WAN

SDN's networking role has not always been clear, there are now some compelling use cases. Because SDN can make the WAN more functional and less expensive, networking pros should keep their eyes on SDN developments. Continue Reading


SD-WAN's effect on the market

SDN principles are transforming the wide area network, with a number of networking companies -- both startups and established players -- offering software-defined WAN technologies to enterprises. Continue Reading


What the new SD-WAN promises

The SDN WAN's network programmability and automated provisioning addresses the demands placed on the wide area network by the cloud, SaaS and BYOD. Continue Reading

6Key terms-

Key terms to know

Let's face it -- understanding the new WAN world is hard enough -- even if you know the lingo. So, be sure you get these key terms under your belt.

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