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Networks of the future: What automation and IBN can do for you

Where might the future of networking take you? Discover how the shift to automation could affect you, as well as what to look for along the networking horizon.


Automating network management to get away from time-consuming manual configuration using command-line interface configuration is at the top of most enterprises' networking wish lists. Within network automation, intent-based networking, or IBN, is beginning to emerge as a way to enable network professionals to manage their networks by telling the network what they want it to do in direct language, then let the automated network take over and make it so. To find out how enterprises can get to automated management after decades of relying on manual processes, and keep up with compute and storage automation, this priority report will walk you through networks of the future in terms of what network automation and IBN can do for you, the tools you should consider and the vendors active in the network automation market.

1How it helps-

What automation can do for your network

In order to prepare your organization to join the networks of the future, it's important to learn the affect of automating network management and IBN on your network and if it's prepared to take them on.


A primer on IBN and network automation

IBN affects how network automation software is viewed, as it offers engineers benefits that may or may not live up to the hype. Continue Reading


How automation affects networks of the future

Automated network management is part of networks of the future, and IT teams need to be prepared for positive and negative effects of it. Continue Reading


Manual vs. automated: Network configuration management's future

Networks of the future may not have a place for just manual configuration management. Learn about automated network management's balancing act with manual configuration. Continue Reading


How to tell your organization is ready for automation deployment

Automation deployment is the way of networks of the future, but it requires a culture change for organizations. Continue Reading


Network validation and its role in understanding network intent

Intent-based networking functions best if organizations use network validation to ensure optimal performance. Continue Reading


Network automation tools

Networks of the future are turning away from manual tools for network management. Learn some of the best tools for deploying network automation and best practices for automated network management and configuration.


Where to begin with network automation

Network automation begins with and depends on a programming language. Learn how to find the best one for your network. Continue Reading


The future of network configuration

Network configuration is being driven into networks of the future with IBN and script management software. Learn how these tools benefit and shift network systems, as well as how they are managed. Continue Reading


The role of provisioning resources in networks of the future

While automation redefines provisioning resources and other processes, issues of it integrating with IT personnel arise and affect how engineers view potential networks of the future. Continue Reading


How to automate configuration management tools

The adoption of automated network configuration tools requires careful consideration. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages to find the best one for you. Continue Reading


Eliminate human error from network configurations

Automated network configuration management is the way of networks of the future, as it eliminates human error and saves time. Continue Reading


Finding the best network configuration software

Choosing the best network configuration software for you is important. See what bloggers suggest and what they learned from looking into these services. Continue Reading


Vendor plays

Vendors such as Cisco and SolarWinds continue to take steps towards networks of the future by updating their tools with automation and IBN. See how different network operations and innovations can affect your organization and how they could affect networks of the future.


How Cisco Assurance advanced IBN

Cisco advanced its IBN plans with a new analytics layer and even draws from its SDN software. Learn more about the new Cisco Assurance services and how they could affect networks of the future. Continue Reading


SolarWinds improved cloud performance monitoring

SolarWinds released AppOptics for network device monitoring and app behavior tracking. Continue Reading


Networks of the future: A 2018 forecast

A prediction for network operations and innovations in 2018, which sets the scene for even more networks of the future. Continue Reading


ONAP, MEF updated network automation platforms

ONAP released new architecture offering carriers and service providers an open foundation for automation, while MEF released 3.0 framework for global services. Continue Reading


IBN is your friend

Networks professionals can take a step towards networks of the future by embracing IBN and automation over manual tasks, and Cisco analysis tools focus on just that. Continue Reading

4The future-

Networks of the future

The future of network roles, platform and infrastructure will shift if your organization switches to network automation. This includes all roles such as ITSM and even changes in major vendors' platforms. Learn more about where the future may take you.


The relationship between networking roles and automation

Network automation brings changes beyond changing roles, responsibilities and skill sets: it also improves network productivity. Learn how it could further affect networks of the future. Continue Reading


How to best design your data center fabric

Two large chassis switches may benefit networks of the future more than multiple ToR devices would when it comes to running operations. Continue Reading


How ITSM helps to increase network automation

Even IT service management shifts for networks of the future: Learn about how ITSM automation uses AI and machine learning to move infrastructures and network automation forward. Continue Reading


Cisco's redesign of its campus network platform

Cisco launched the Cisco DNA management console and a Catalyst switching line that require users to rethink campus networking in terms of networks of the future. Continue Reading


The future of telecom network infrastructure

Networks of the future are driven by different telecom infrastructure trends, and their transformation is likely still a few years away Continue Reading

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