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Network security basics for building better corporate systems

Grasping network security basics is an essential first step. This guide also helps you understand the current threats as well as the tech developments like SDN that will make your network more secure.


It's tempting to focus on the latest high-tech security tool but most infosec pros acknowledge that all those digital, cloud-based bells and whistles won't protect a network if the network security basics aren't in place. In the segments to this guide we cover basic first steps, touch on fundamentals like the importance of visibility even in the virtual age, while also peering into the future of network security. Readers of this guide should come away with a deeper understanding of network security basics and an overall "lay of the land" which it comes to securing the network.

1Network security first steps-

What network security basic steps do companies need to take now?

All the fancy new security tools are enticing but they're useless unless the infosec team has locked down the network security basics. Learn why initial tasks include establishing a network security overview, improving the quality of security alerts and boosting ransomware security awareness.


How a network security overview pays dividends

In an age of heightened cybersecurity risks, companies still aren't spending enough to create a network security overview. Continue Reading


How to boost your ransomware security awareness

With attacks soaring, how should IT organizations mount an effective defense and boost ransomware security awareness? Continue Reading


Network security infrastructure isn't only for hackers

Rapidly changing environments, from sprawl to consolidation, increase the challenges of network risk analysis, proper segmentation, and policy and change management. Continue Reading


Mobile network security remains an enterprise challenge

Workers demand access to their company's network anytime, anywhere -- making mobile network security a constant challenge for IT. Admins can turn to SDN and NFV technology. Continue Reading


Network security alerts: Managing and overcoming obstacles

Network security alerts are high in number and low in accuracy. Expert Kevin Beaver explains strategies security professionals can develop to overcome these obstacles to improving security. Continue Reading


Prevent a network security attack by isolating the infrastructure

It may sound like network security basics, but don't underestimate the power of proper segmentation and isolation as an effective way to protect your enterprise network from attack. Continue Reading

2Visible needs for networks-

Visibility: How to preserve a network security basic

The most basic need for network security is visibility into the network itself; you can't secure what you can't see. Learn how even in this complex age of mobility and cloud, IT network pros can maintain their network's visibility to keep it secure.


Troubleshooting network issues in an era of reduced visibility

As networks become more complex, fundamental monitoring tools are losing their currency. But it's still possible to retain visibility and keep users happy. Continue Reading


The need for network end-to-end visibility in hybrid IT

Understanding your network is critical, and end-to-end visibility is the key to accessing the full potential of hybrid IT. Continue Reading


Network visibility remains the key to safe digital transformation, says Cisco

Accessing analytics to deal with incidents is the future of information security, according to Terry Greer-King Continue Reading

3Beyond network security basics-

Whip-smart network security is possible. Here's how.

It's mind-boggling, the forces combining now to take network security far beyond the basics. Firewalls are integrating cloud-based threat information. Advances in machine learning are making tech tools designed to sense network threats ever more savvy. Current Defense Department projects on security mobile networks and devices will certainly lead to commercial applications. But while technological advances that help IT pros move beyond network security basics show great promise, they also bring their own challenges.


DARPA project could help with mobile security in the enterprise

A DARPA project seeks researchers from academia and business to improve security for mobile networks and devices. The program could bring better tools for the enterprise. Continue Reading


Advanced machine learning lends a helping hand to network security

Advanced machine learning can help distinguish between false alarms and real network threats, creating valuable time for IT employees. But the technology still faces challenges. Continue Reading


Latest types of firewalls merge NGFW and threat analysis features

The next-generation firewall has become the focal point of an enterprise security strategy that integrates with cloud-based threat analysis and endpoint management. Continue Reading


Five ways to prevent a ransomware infection through network security

Stronger network security could be the key to preventing a ransomware infection. Expert Kevin Beaver has five ways organizations can improve their networks to stop this threat. Continue Reading


Pervasive security is needed to protect modern networks

Pervasive security in place of layered security is needed to secure and defend modern networks from diverse cyber threats. Continue Reading

4Security with SDN-

Security considerations for software defining the network now

If network security basics are in place, a good next step for networking pros is to consider how to add software-defined networking to your setup. SDN can improve network functions but before and during implementation security must be foremost in mind. Learn how to get your network software-defined now.


The good, bad and the ugly of software-defined networking security

Software-defined networking security has both good and bad potential. It can benefit route connectivity, but it also presents risk linked to improper SDN controller implementation. Continue Reading


Software-defined networking security: Should we worry?

Software-defined networking security concerns are real, and networking expert John Burke says we'll need new mitigation and defense techniques to address them. Continue Reading


SDN network security: Building a safer architecture

Software-defined networking may hold the key to better security. Networking expert Lee Doyle explains how to strengthen SDN network security to prevent breaches. Continue Reading


Security company uses SDN framework to fight DDoS attacks

Cybersecurity company Nexusguard said it implemented SDN technology to fight large DDoS attacks -- automating routing decisions and scaling network resources. Continue Reading


Materials to supplement your understanding of network security

These video presentations provide supplemental information on the threats modern networks must fight back and some of the tools available to aid that fight.


How to understand modern network security threats

Modern network security threats aren't getting any easier to address. An analyst works to shed light on the challenges facing current-day IT teams.


Information security monitoring, analytics for the digital age

In this webcast, learn automated information security monitoring and analytic techniques to protect data in the face of rapidly evolving cyberthreats.

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