Network management and monitoring: The evolution of network control

Last updated:April 2016

Editor's note

As networking becomes more complex, network monitoring systems have continued to evolve. Today, networking pros must be familiar with the challenges presented by overseeing networks that extend through multiple environments and must also understand concepts such as application delivery optimization and data analytics.

This essential guide explores the basics of network monitoring systems and explains how network pros can exploit monitoring platforms and tools to mine valuable intelligence about their network performance.

1Take action: Extend your network visibility

Ensuring visibility is a main reason network monitoring systems exist. Having a deep understanding of the inner workings of your network and applications can improve performance and, just as importantly, save you money. In this section of our guide, learn more about extending your network visibility and the tools that can help.

2Network management: Today's challenges, tomorrow's goals

When it comes to network management, new challenges come up all the time. Learn how to be proactive with new techniques, and discover how network monitoring systems are using analytics to troubleshoot and prevent issues.

3Improving network performance and control

Optimize network control and network performance with these strategies from our networking experts.