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Network management and monitoring: The evolution of network control

Networks and the tools to manage them are getting more complex every day. Here’s a round-up of our best network management information and advice.


As networking becomes more complex, network monitoring systems have continued to evolve. Today, networking pros must be familiar with the challenges presented by overseeing networks that extend through multiple environments and must also understand concepts such as application delivery optimization and data analytics.

This essential guide explores the basics of network monitoring systems and explains how network pros can exploit monitoring platforms and tools to mine valuable intelligence about their network performance.


Taking network control: The basics of management and monitoring

Learn about the basics of network management and monitoring techniques and how they've evolved over the years.


Three common network errors

Learn how to identify the most common network errors and how to get your network humming again. Continue Reading


Guarding against outages, one step at a time

Monitoring for potential problems is more valuable and cost-effective than planning for massive systems outages. Continue Reading


Building Wireshark display filter expressions

Wireshark display features like capture and packet filtering are important tools for troubleshooting network issues, but insight is needed. Continue Reading


Stopping the network performance blame game

In this Q&A, an IT pro explains how he uses APM tools to prove the network isn't to blame. Continue Reading


Find network management tools that work for you

Finding the best network management tools today can be a challenge. Here's some help. Continue Reading


Take action: Extend your network visibility

Ensuring visibility is a main reason network monitoring systems exist. Having a deep understanding of the inner workings of your network and applications can improve performance and, just as importantly, save you money. In this section of our guide, learn more about extending your network visibility and the tools that can help.


App visibility tools emerge for the wireless world

AVC tools can help you deliver a wider range of critical applications to both personal and enterprise-issued devices. Continue Reading


SDN offers new network visibility

Management tools for next-generation networks must be scalable, agile and smart. SDN monitoring tools can help. Continue Reading


What's behind network downtime

Network outages are usually blamed on human error, but several recent incidents were due to faulty technology. What's the bigger culprit? Continue Reading


Monitoring the end-user experience

Network monitoring software may show that your equipment is working, but it doesn't guarantee that the user experience is optimal. Continue Reading

3What's next?-

Network management: Today's challenges, tomorrow's goals

When it comes to network management, new challenges come up all the time. Learn how to be proactive with new techniques, and discover how network monitoring systems are using analytics to troubleshoot and prevent issues.


The app delivery process needs to improve

It's time for IT to go from being provider of services to a broker between clouds and end users. Here's how. Continue Reading


Unified network management tutorial

Learn about unified network management tools that can provide one user interface that identifies, configures, monitors, updates and troubleshoots both wired and wireless network devices. Continue Reading


Prepare for SDN with network configuration management tools

Read how network configuration management tools can help pave the way to SDN for your organization. Continue Reading


Merlin Project working on a new network management tool

The Merlin Project hopes to help networking pros oversee complex networks with a new network management tool and framework that views the network as a whole. Continue Reading


Using network analytics to resolve service issues

Learn how network analytics can help you troubleshoot problems faster and prevent service issues down the line. Continue Reading


Use APM for proactive management

APM must be planned and managed more holistically with more emphasis on proactive management. Continue Reading


Improving network performance and control

Optimize network control and network performance with these strategies from our networking experts.


Controlling the network perimeter

Learn why traditional network perimeter security is no longer enough to secure the enterprise.


Troubleshooting apps in the cloud

To learn how to get the most from the data you have to troubleshoot cloud app problems.


Visibility in a hybrid network

Learn how to collect data and employ the right analytical tools.


Network management and monitoring related definitions

Check out these definitions.

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