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Managing and monitoring the modern hybrid network

Managing and monitoring an enterprise network is more complex than ever, but this Networking Classroom explains the modern hybrid network architecture model that now dominates and it considers the issue of visibility, now that so many network elements are in the cloud. Study the lessons in this classroom and learn how to monitor and manage even off-site elements of the modern hybrid network.


Too often networking pros assume that putting elements of their network environment in the cloud means the end to their ability to see into them and, thus, the end of thorough network monitoring. Not true, says John Burke of Nemertes Reseach. In fact there are tools and methods available that extend visibility into even a hybrid environment. This Networking Classroom teaches how the use of available vantage points and the latest visibility tools let network pros to gather all the data they need to ensure optimal delivery of IT services.

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Getting a clear view of hybrid networks requires the right tools

Watch expert John Burke’s videos and listen to the podcast on how to manage and monitor a modern hybrid network architecture. Also, read Burke’s two technical tips to get deeper insight into how advanced network monitoring assists with SDN deployments and to learn what tools networking professionals can use to improve visibility into the cloud portions of their network.


How to monitor network usage in modern enterprise IT

Analyst John Burke explains the in ins and outs of network monitoring and how to monitor network usage in modern enterprise IT. Continue Reading


End-to-end visibility is possible even with a hybrid network

Most enterprise networks are hybrid now, but observing operations and tweaking performance is still possible; you just need the right tools. Continue Reading


Five myths that cloud hybrid-era network management, monitoring

In this podcast, expert John Burke debunks five common myths about network management and monitoring in hybrid environments. Continue Reading


Advanced network monitoring aids SDN deployments

IT professionals can reach their advanced network monitoring goals with the aid of SDN deployments. Continue Reading


Make your hybrid cloud transparent: Virtual switches, other cool tools

Cloud visibility is a major challenge. Luckily, there are options for creating observation posts in hybrid infrastructures. Here are some to consider. Continue Reading


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