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Improved application performance possible with right approach

Learn how to improve application performance in your enterprise.


In today's highly distributed networking environment, spanning both wired and wireless devices, high-octane application performance is a must.  In this guide, we will highlight the new tools, platforms and network monitoring options designed to ensure enterprise application meet their performance goals.

1App performance -

Improving your application performance

Improved application performance can be achieved with advanced app performance monitoring tools and techniques. Learn about the latest tech advances in this market and how to use them.


Why an application performance monitoring tool is essential

An application performance monitoring tool harvests data and differs from application management, offering valuable services in an age of virtualization. Continue Reading


Don't let serverless applications dodge performance monitoring

Serverless applications abstract the app from the underlying infrastructure. And that changes the IT team's approach to application performance monitoring. Continue Reading


SNMP monitoring tools improve how IT looks at application performance

To better manage application performance, you need to collect the right data. SNMP monitoring has the advantages of wide adoption and compatibility with other monitoring schemes. Continue Reading


ITOA to AIOps: The next generation of network analytics

IT operations analytics tools are growing up and offering unprecedented insights into network behavior, allowing managers to automate fixes before problems occur. Continue Reading

2Cloud app delivery-

The ins and outs of cloud application delivery

Cloud environments can either improve application delivery or complicate it (or both). These stories outline some of issues related to cloud app delivery, including security and optimization, and discuss new products aimed at making cloud-based application distribution more efficient.


Multicloud complicates application performance optimization

As cloud-based services and providers proliferate, application performance optimization grows increasingly complicated. What to do? Continue Reading


Multicloud environment poses management challenges

The growth of the multicloud environment among enterprises is fueling the need for management tools that reduce complexity and redundancy. Continue Reading


Delivering private and public cloud applications securely

'It's all about the apps' is today's mantra, and managing private and public cloud app delivery must be a top concern in order to safeguard enterprise security in the mobile age. Continue Reading


Identify CloudWatch metrics for real-time application monitoring

IT teams running real-time apps on AWS must monitor application health and performance. Amazon CloudWatch is a useful tool for monitoring SQS, Kinesis and Lambda. Continue Reading

3Mobile app delivery-

Learn the latest ways to improve mobile application delivery

Improved application delivery is achievable even when it comes to mobile. But superior mobile performance doesn’t happen by itself. Among other factors, it requires coding, testing and a solid network infrastructure to make sure mobile users get the performance they need.


The solution to speedy mobile app delivery? It's crowdsourced testing

Sometimes you just need a lot of users playing with your app to find out how it's really working. Enter crowdsourced testing. It's the latest strategy to speed up your mobile dev. Continue Reading


How to maximize IT staff for successful mobile projects

For a mobile project to take off, both senior and junior IT staff must be invited to the table. Team members at every level can add to the mobile app development and delivery process. Continue Reading


Using quality of experience to boost mobile user experience

Quality of experience is a handy way to measure mobile users' experience with application performance. But understanding all of the components that comprise QoE is another task entirely. Continue Reading

4Virtual app delivery-

Should you go virtual to deliver applications to users?

When aiming for improved application delivery, the issue of virtualization should be addressed. In the stories that follow, experts assess the virtual app delivery tools available and review the considerations to take when weighing the pros and cons of virtualization.

Photo Story

Explore five virtual application delivery tools

With all of the virtual app delivery tools out there, it can be hard to know what's what. Sort through the clutter to learn about some of the top offerings, including Citrix XenApp and Microsoft App-V. Continue Reading


Considerations for virtual application delivery vs. full desktops

Deciding whether to deploy full virtual desktops or just a few virtual applications -- or a combination of the two -- comes down to issues of compatibility and end-user productivity. Continue Reading


How application layering reinvents remote app delivery

VDI shops don't need to install applications within virtual desktops for apps to interact with the host operating system. Instead, they can deliver and manage applications separately using app layering. Continue Reading


Explaining app layering and application virtualization benefits

Application virtualization benefits include isolation, on-demand delivery and the ability to deliver apps from a single image. Continue Reading


Desktop virtualization deployment strategies and challenges

A look at how enterprise IT execs have deployed desktop virtualization, the benefits they have realized and the challenges they faced along the way. Continue Reading

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