Improved application performance possible with right approach

Last updated:March 2017

Editor's note

In today's highly distributed networking environment, spanning both wired and wireless devices, high-octane application performance is a must.  In this guide, we will highlight the new tools, platforms and network monitoring options designed to ensure enterprise application meet their performance goals.

1The ins and outs of cloud application delivery

Cloud environments can either improve application delivery or complicate it (or both). These stories outline some of issues related to cloud app delivery, including security and optimization, and discuss new products aimed at making cloud-based application distribution more efficient.

2Learn the latest ways to improve mobile application delivery

Improved application delivery is achievable even when it comes to mobile. But superior mobile performance doesn’t happen by itself. Among other factors, it requires coding, testing and a solid network infrastructure to make sure mobile users get the performance they need.

3Should you go virtual to deliver applications to users?

When aiming for improved application delivery, the issue of virtualization should be addressed. In the stories that follow, experts assess the virtual app delivery tools available and review the considerations to take when weighing the pros and cons of virtualization.