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How to make a WLAN controller effective and efficient

WLAN controllers can be complicated, but with enough knowledge it's possible to successfully harness them to reduce costs and improve enterprise networking.


With ongoing shifts in enterprise wireless LAN, network engineers need a better understanding of WLAN controllers. In this Networking School, with Craig Mathias, head of the Farpoint Group, learn about the changes transforming wireless LAN in the enterprise, and how to adapt your WLAN controller accordingly.

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Reaching success with WLAN controllers

Expert Craig Mathias explores how network engineers must come to understand their wireless architecture and WLAN controllers to succeed in an increasingly challenging network environment. View the video, read the tip and listen to the podcast. Then take the quiz to check your knowledge of new developments in wireless LAN.


Learn to work with WLAN controllers

In this video, Mathias explores the fundamentals of working with WLAN controllers. Continue Reading


How to harness wireless controllers to reduce costs

Wireless is critical but it can also be costly. Learn how to harness wireless controllers to drive down costs for your enterprise. Continue Reading


Understanding your wireless LAN controllers

Do you understand how your WLAN controllers work? Explore this key element of wireless to gain a better understanding. Continue Reading

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