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Enterprise wireless networking: The Wi-Fi takeover

Networking expert Irwin Lazar discusses how Wi-Fi is replacing the need for a wired Ethernet and what this means for the enterprise.


With its debut in 1999, the 802.11b standard drove the implementation of widespread Enterprise wireless networking. Before this, the enterprise had to rely on having a wired-Ethernet connection to access the network. Today, Ethernet remains the most widely used LAN technology, but one expert says, that will change sooner than later. In the last decade, the 802.11 standard has upgraded to what is now the 802.11ac standard, otherwise known as Gigabit Wi-Fi.

Nemertes Research vice president and service director Irwin Lazar explains that 802.11ac standard is on its way to replacing the traditional wired-Ethernet network, but not all organizations are ready to make the switch. Lazar explains that 802.11ac is affecting more than just the network, but is also having an impact on enterprise mobility.

About the author: Irwin Lazar is the vice president and service director at Nemertes Research, where he develops and manages research projects, develops cost models, conducts strategic seminars and advises clients. Irwin is responsible for benchmarking the adoption and use of emerging technologies in the enterprise in areas including VoIP, unified communications, video conferencing, social computing, collaboration and advanced network services.

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The new wireless network

The 802.11ac standard has enabled organizations to switch from wired to wireless network connections. However, it isn’t as simple as upgrading your connection. Networking expert Irwin Lazar explains how IT can prepare for integrated security and application management. Lazar says not all organizations are prepared to make the switch and should hold off on upgrading for the time being. Lazar points out that the 802.11ac standard is having an impact on enterprise mobility and the number of mobile devices per employee.


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