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Enhance service delivery model with WAN, application optimization

Finding new ways to optimize and accelerate your WAN is a critical necessity as traffic and the number of mobile devices increase across the enterprise.


In today's enterprise, finding ways to improve application performance to enhance your service delivery model and associated network capabilities is a necessity. Combine this with the increased capabilities of mobile devices and tablets, and the demand for network application optimization is at an all-time high. In order for businesses to function efficiently, the WAN must be secure, reliable and accessible. This guide discusses some of the steps enterprises can take to boost application performance over the WAN today, and provides a glimpse into the innovations that will underpin WAN infrastructure tomorrow. Since all network configurations are unique, so are the techniques required to manage WAN optimization.


Beefing up your service delivery model and application performance

Application delivery controllers plus performance management technology equals a new approach to application optimization. This section discusses ways that application optimization can help boost WAN performance and thus boost company productivity. Find out which questions to ask vendors when you're considering application delivery optimization. Read how businesses are using service management tools to achieve optimization. Ultimately, the success of application optimization is measured by how well a company is able to meet its service-level agreements.


One strategy to approaching application optimization

Combining application delivery controllers and application performance management technology is one approach to application optimization. Continue Reading


Five benefits of WAN optimization

Fives ways enterprise WAN optimization technology increases productivity in the workplace. Continue Reading


How business service management enhances application performance

Some businesses are using service management software to automate IT services and optimize application performance. Continue Reading


What are the benefits of ADO solutions?

Meeting your service-level agreements (SLAs) is a sign of optimization success. Optimizers help enterprise technology practitioners hit the SLA mark in several ways. Continue Reading


A technical perspective of ADO

Explore the basics of application delivery optimization. Continue Reading


What to ask before buying ADO tools

The questions you should be asking vendors when you're considering purchasing application delivery optimization tools. Continue Reading


Advice to manage application performance

How network-based application performance management can help prevent performance problems before they become harmful to business. Continue Reading


Reinventing the wide area network delivery

Work is no longer a physical place where everyone goes to get things done. Instead, work happens in multiple locations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To that end, the traditional service delivery model, including the WAN, must evolve to meet the changing needs of the enterprise. The advent of public cloud services is just one example of changing WAN functionality, and virtual tools are becoming an alternative to hardware for WAN optimization. Read about how you can take advantage of new optimization technologies and find out how to make sure your mobile employees can work more productively.


Service delivery model transition: Public cloud challenges traditional WAN

Public cloud services challenge the traditional approach to wide area networking, and engineers need to respond. Continue Reading


Which IT company chose the cloud over traditional hardware?

A global IT consultancy chooses Aryaka's cloud WAN optimization service over traditional hardware-based vendors. Continue Reading


How to tackle WAN challenges

How to overcome the obstacles associated with using the new WAN. Continue Reading


How ADO can help meet business needs

Ensure mobile workers are able to get access to data, and assess business and technology issues with the adoption of application delivery optimization. Continue Reading


Using virtual tools to achieve WAN optimization

Sometimes it is appropriate to use virtual tools instead of traditional hardware for WAN optimization. Continue Reading


Managing the WAN: New frontiers in service delivery models

Wide area network delivery becomes more complex with the introduction of the cloud, mobile device capabilities and the increase in security threats. Read about ways to keep mobile data from clogging up your network and why the mode of protocol spoofing is a benefit when optimizing WAN traffic. Learn why the data center can no longer be the gateway to the Internet.


Incorporate management and security into WAN structure

It's important to find solutions that incorporate management and security into WAN optimization so that enterprise IT can reduce company bottom lines and complexity. Continue Reading


Increase throughput by channeling your mobile data differently

Speed up your WAN applications by following the advice in this expert tip. Continue Reading


Enterprises need more cloud-based technology

The ADC market is changing as enterprises adopt cloud services. IT wants common on-premises and cloud load-balancer technology. Continue Reading


How does protocol spoofing help your WAN?

Learn how to use protocol spoofing as a WAN optimization technique. Continue Reading


The new cloud-WAN

Find out the importance of reinventing WAN architecture for cloud services. Continue Reading


Why should you use WAN aggregation?

Our expert explains what WAN aggregation is and why all companies should consider using it. Continue Reading


Key terms for WAN optimization and monitoring

Make sure you are up to date with your wide area network terms so that you can best optimize your applications.

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