Enhance service delivery model with WAN, application optimization

Last updated:February 2014

Editor's note

In today's enterprise, finding ways to improve application performance to enhance your service delivery model and associated network capabilities is a necessity. Combine this with the increased capabilities of mobile devices and tablets, and the demand for network application optimization is at an all-time high. In order for businesses to function efficiently, the WAN must be secure, reliable and accessible. This guide discusses some of the steps enterprises can take to boost application performance over the WAN today, and provides a glimpse into the innovations that will underpin WAN infrastructure tomorrow. Since all network configurations are unique, so are the techniques required to manage WAN optimization.

1Reinventing the wide area network delivery

Work is no longer a physical place where everyone goes to get things done. Instead, work happens in multiple locations, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To that end, the traditional service delivery model, including the WAN, must evolve to meet the changing needs of the enterprise. The advent of public cloud services is just one example of changing WAN functionality, and virtual tools are becoming an alternative to hardware for WAN optimization. Read about how you can take advantage of new optimization technologies and find out how to make sure your mobile employees can work more productively.

2Managing the WAN: New frontiers in service delivery models

Wide area network delivery becomes more complex with the introduction of the cloud, mobile device capabilities and the increase in security threats. Read about ways to keep mobile data from clogging up your network and why the mode of protocol spoofing is a benefit when optimizing WAN traffic. Learn why the data center can no longer be the gateway to the Internet.