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Delivering applications swiftly, successfully: Here's how.

Businesses face challenges in the delivery of applications. Learn how to successfully deliver business-critical programs.


When it comes to delivering applications, enterprises are in a race against time. If IT departments fail in their app delivery and app performance management roles, they risk harming the company bottom line, both in terms of lost revenue and a tarnished corporate image.

In this networking classroom, Jim Metzler, vice president of Ashton, Metzler & Associates, reviews the ins and outs of successful application delivery.

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Successfully delivering applications

Today's enterprises are ruled by business-critical applications and delivering applications is a key responsibility for corporate IT. Improving the process of application distribution through application performance management (APM) is increasingly criticial, both for the corporate bottom line and company reputation. Network managers are under pressure to make sure app delivery failures don't occur.

Read expert Jim Metzler's technical tip, watch his video and listen to his podcast to learn why application distribution is so essential, what can go wrong and how to make sure in your enterprise delivering applications is accomplished successfully.


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