Data center networking architecture draws on machine learning, SDN, AI

Last updated:October 2017

Editor's note

Data center networking architecture is becoming more nimble, efficient and secure as it accommodates increasing amounts of traffic flowing between facilities and external cloud providers.

It's not just more traffic; it's also new expectations. Five-nines performance is the goal, and ensuring high availability and high reliability is a fundamental underpinning of today's data center operations.

This guide will look at how enterprises are retooling their data center networking architecture, and its facilities, to handle the new traffic and how they are combining both legacy and next-generation networking equipment and architectures to reach their high-performance network goals.

1Advanced strategies: How SDN, fabric design and more fit in

What's the best way to incorporate SDN into a data center networking architecture? Are there better ways to design a fabric? Data center planning is a never-ending process, and in this section, we'll provide some guidance to help you plot your next move.

2AI and machine learning take network management to new levels

Newly developed tools are allowing data center administrators to make strides, and be more flexible, when it comes to creating data center networking architecture and oversee operations. Learn about artificial intelligence in networking , what role machine learning can play and more. Discover what works, and what are some areas that need some additional fine-tuning.

3Locking down today's state-of-the-art data center

For most data centers, it's no longer a question of if but when a breach will occur. Fortunately, vendors are providing a variety of tools to fortify the data center in a bid to reduce the chance a successful attack will occur.

4Are you up on the latest data center network designs?

Take this seven-question quiz to see if you are up to date with the latest trends in data center networking architecture and operations.