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Data center networking architecture draws on machine learning, SDN, AI

With the application of SDN, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, data center networks promise to deliver the speed and flexibility modern computing demands.


Data center networking architecture is becoming more nimble, efficient and secure as it accommodates increasing amounts of traffic flowing between facilities and external cloud providers.

It's not just more traffic; it's also new expectations. Five-nines performance is the goal, and ensuring high availability and high reliability is a fundamental underpinning of today's data center operations.

This guide will look at how enterprises are retooling their data center networking architecture, and its facilities, to handle the new traffic and how they are combining both legacy and next-generation networking equipment and architectures to reach their high-performance network goals.

1Data center evolution-

Data center networking takes a leap into the future

The data center is not what it used to be. New technologies and approaches such as intent-based networking are forcing data center administrators to take a long, hard look at new ways to design their data center networking architecture and infrastructures to handle the load.


Networks may appear to disappear in data center evolution

Data center evolution will drive the illusion that the network has disappeared, Google networking lead tells networking crowd at Interop 2016. Continue Reading


The virtualized network alters data center plans

The virtualized network is outstripping hardware and fundamentally altering data center plans, though in the long run, it has the chance to revolutionize them. Continue Reading


White box switches and hyper-convergence aid data center networks now

White box switches and hyper-convergence are two upgrades that can breathe new life into your data center network. Learn what they are and how to make them work for you. Continue Reading


Intent-based networking needed to run more complex networks

Experts address why intent-based networking systems are needed to manage networks of the future that connect data center, public clouds and IoT. Continue Reading


Need for speed: Demand for faster DCI technology grows

As the amount of traffic traveling between data centers explodes, both enterprises and service providers look for high-octane data center interconnect options. Continue Reading

2Data center strategies-

Advanced strategies: How SDN, fabric design and more fit in

What's the best way to incorporate SDN into a data center networking architecture? Are there better ways to design a fabric? Data center planning is a never-ending process, and in this section, we'll provide some guidance to help you plot your next move.


Moving data center strategies: What to consider in an SDDC transition

Accommodating your legacy equipment when shifting to an SDDC takes a lot of time and careful study. What are some strategies to keep in mind when moving data centers? Continue Reading


Network simplification sounds good, but what does it really mean?

Network simplification is emerging as the latest industry buzzword, but what exactly does it mean? Continue Reading


Data center fabrics using link-state protocols over BGP

Data center operators are beginning to use modified link-state protocols on their large-scale data center fabrics, according to the IETF. What's behind the switch? Continue Reading


Navigate recent changes to data center networking architecture

Thanks to hybrid cloud and containers, data center networks are tougher to crack than ever. But IT can succeed if it follows a simple path. Continue Reading


In the age of cloud, should you invest in a data center upgrade?

Before you rush to replace servers with more of the same, consider your organization's long-term goals and whether a move to the cloud might be the better option. Continue Reading

3Managing data center networks-

AI and machine learning take network management to new levels

Newly developed tools are allowing data center administrators to make strides, and be more flexible, when it comes to creating data center networking architecture and oversee operations. Learn about artificial intelligence in networking , what role machine learning can play and more. Discover what works, and what are some areas that need some additional fine-tuning.


Five tips for more effective data center network management

To effectively manage a data center network, IT teams need to start with a smart topology, brush up on the latest standards and weigh the impact of technologies like SDN. Continue Reading


Network fault management in today's complex data centers

Network designs and technologies may change, but identifying -- and remediating -- faults is a fundamental task for today's system managers. Here's what you need to know. Continue Reading


How IT management tools change a data center for the better

Organizations that choose to adopt IT management tools can gain the upper hand on reporting, troubleshooting, provisioning and other important data center functions. Continue Reading


Data center forecast for 2017 focuses on SD-WAN, infrastructure management

Eric Hanselman, 451 analyst, cites interconnect technologies and deployment of infrastructure management techniques as key data center forecast trends. Continue Reading


Machine learning examples crop up for data center management

Machine learning implementations are finally making their way to the enterprise -- and the data center seems to be a perfect match. Continue Reading

4Data center security-

Locking down today's state-of-the-art data center

For most data centers, it's no longer a question of if but when a breach will occur. Fortunately, vendors are providing a variety of tools to fortify the data center in a bid to reduce the chance a successful attack will occur.


Cloud security tips to consider when mulling external data centers

The old security rules don't apply when moving workloads to the cloud. These cloud security tips will help you make the right decision. Continue Reading


Juniper adding microsegmentation to strengthen Contrail security

Juniper is strengthening Contrail security by adding microsegmentation as an option for networks that span multiple data centers. Continue Reading


How to cut false security, malware alerts in hybrid cloud

The bad news: IT teams are deluged by false security and malware alerts with their hybrid clouds. The good news: New tools are here to help. Continue Reading

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