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February 2015

What to look for in data center switches

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Enterprises continue to virtualize data centers in the name of agility and efficiency. Because of this, the data center switches they buy today need to address both data center existing needs and future requirements. DC switches must be able to work well into the future, adapting to the tech we can see coming—namely, software-defined networking (SDN)—and the tech we can’t. Speed, density and agility are only some of the things to consider when purchasing a new data center switch. This Buyer's Essentials guide will lay out the must-have data center switch features, along with some "nice to have" extras that will make your next purchase the right one for you. Read on to learn about all the demands of the present and the possible demands that will come in a virtualized, software-defined future.

About The Author

John Burke - CTO and Principal Research Analyst

John Burke is CTO and principal research analyst with Nemertes ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Key considerations
  • Management and complexity
  • Mixing physical and virtual, hard and soft
  • Buyer's checklist
  • The bottom line

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