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December 2016

The ups and downs, ins and outs, of cloud application delivery

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Cloud application delivery is a pressing concern in IT operations today.

Whether enterprise applications live in a private or public cloud, enterprise IT is still responsible for making sure employees can access the apps they need -- end of story. This three-part guide will analyze the new options available to enterprises to make sure cloud-based access is optimized for both wired and wireless networks. It looks at the hybrid cloud environment that networking must operate within and how networking pros can optimize application delivery and performance. Find out how some IT pros are overcoming those challenges. Cost is always a concern, so we also consider whether a cloud migration is necessarily a cost-saving situation. Not all applications are meant for the public cloud, and moving them may cost enterprises more.

The apps employees use may come via private or public cloud, and networking pros need to know how to ensure cloud application delivery while keeping company data and systems secure.

Table Of Contents

  • Making private and public cloud app delivery both smooth and secure
  • The challenges and successes of cloud app delivery
  • Discovering the most cost-effective app delivery method

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