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September 2016

Picking the best software-defined wide area network product

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The traditional hardware-driven wide area network was slow and expensive. It was just a matter of time -- and technology -- before the software-defined wide area network became a reality. The arrival of the SD-WAN, vendors said, means all that legacy technology can be swept away, replaced with sophisticated software services running as virtualized network functions on commodity hardware. Low-cost, high-speed internet services combined with an intelligent, cloud-services infrastructure, means corporate headquarters and branch offices can be linked together more efficiently than ever before.

The marketplace is full of SD-WAN vendors, each pitching a different value proposition, so a guide for networking professionals to the world of SD-WANs is essential. This Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN is designed to help you select the technology that best suits your enterprise's needs, technological requirements and budget. It opens with an overview of the SD-WAN technological product; explains how it works; and highlights key features, including "must haves" and "nice to haves." Readers of this Buyer's Guide to SD-WAN will come away with a deeper understanding of the SD-WAN and be better equipped to launch their IT purchasing process.

About The Author

Kevin Tolly - Founder

Kevin Tolly is the founder of The Tolly Group, a leading ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Explained
  • How it works
  • Features
  • The bottom line

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