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September 2015

How to make yours a cloud-ready network

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Network managers today must get ready, fast, for the cloud. This technical guide reviews what networking professionals must consider in their move to the cloud: security, availability, software-defined networking and more. Networking pros must get up to speed, too, on the networking tools the new cloud network demands. And to do all this, they must know now, if they don't already, how to work with vendors and create a healthy relationship with cloud providers.

As cloud computing gains a bigger role in the enterprise, the fundamentals of IT are changing. This technical guide looks at how cloud is affecting all aspects of the network. A cloud-ready network must become more flexible -- static networks drastically limit the use of cloud. Network services must also be decoupled from a single physical location; delivery of data, user interfaces -- delivery of everything -- must now be ubiquitous. Finally network resources must be abstracted so provisioning can be automated.

This guide aids networking pros who have just begun the move to the cloud, or who perhaps have some aspects of the network in the cloud but wonder if they should be moving more.

Table Of Contents

  • Your new network architecture: time to make cloud-computing plans
  • Top 10 challenges in network cloud integration
  • How to choose a cloud provider

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