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December 2016

All about the evolution of Ethernet: How we got to GbE speeds

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The evolution of Ethernet continues and is offering up new tricks. Ethernet serves as an essential networking protocol, addressing each new set of networking challenges that comes along. Whether it's next-generation gigabit Wi-Fi or modern data center networking, enterprises are looking for switches that can accommodate the new speeds and feeds. This three-part technical guide examines the latest in the evolving Ethernet's bag of tricks.

It's an exciting time for networking. With the evolution of Ethernet technology, there are switches supporting per-port speeds of 2.5 and 5 Gbps, with the IEEE 802.3bz standard now approved. The impact these interesting technological advances will have on the networking market—both wired and wireless—will be significant.

Networking is entering new power-charged territory; it's time now to embrace the changes, our experts say. Through this technical guide, they offer solid advice to networking pros on how to get the most out of the potential of Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

Table Of Contents

  • Assessing the impact of 2.5/5 gigabit speeds
  • What about a 25 Gigabit Ethernet cure?
  • Looking to 400 GbE

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