Networking Definitions

This glossary explains the meaning of key words and phrases that information technology (IT) and business professionals use when discussing networking and related software products. You can find additional definitions by visiting or using the search box below.

  • X

    X terminal

    An X terminal is typically a diskless computer especially designed to provide a low-cost user interface for applications that run in a network X server as part of a distributed X Window System.

  • X.25

    The X.25 protocol, adopted as a standard by the Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone (CCITT), is a commonly-used network protocol.

  • X.500

    X.500 Directory Service is a standard way to develop an electronic directory of people in an organization so that it can be part of a global directory available to anyone in the world with Internet access.

  • x2

    x2 is a technology from US Robotics (now 3Com) for the downstream transmission of data over ordinary phone lines at 56 Kbps (thousands of bits per second).

  • XDMA (Xing Distributed Media Architecture)

    XDMA (Xing Distributed Media Architecture) is a network architecture for multicast streaming media transmissions.

  • Xmodem

    Xmodem is an error-correcting protocol for modem that was created in 1978 by Ward Christensen and became a de facto standard.

  • Y


    Ymodem is an error-correcting protocol for a modem that uses larger data blocks for greater efficiency.

  • Z

    Zmodem protocol

    Zmodem is an error-correcting protocol for modems.

  • zone

    In general, a zone is an area of administration.