network intelligence (NI)

Network Intelligence (NI) is the capacity of a network to examine data packets continuously and in real time. The NI process builds on deep packet inspection (DPI) by analyzing relationships and finding correlations in data from various sources of network traffic.

The NI process can quickly identify, examine, and correlate interactions involving Internet users, applications, and protocols. It can capture detailed information from hundreds of applications that cross mobile communications networks. The technology offers continuous visibility and analysis of user demand. Other advantages include:

  • Optimizing bandwidth management
  • Streamlining payment and invoice processes
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Maximizing profits or revenue
  • Facilitating detailed market research
  • Ensuring robust cybersecurity

In a cybersecurity setting, the NI process can identify how people contact each other, who the individuals or entities actually are, and where the sources and destinations of the communications lie in terms of IP addresses as well as geographical locations. Such information has grown increasingly important in recent years, both in the private sector (business) and in the public sector (government).

This was last updated in March 2013

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