multichassis multilink PPP (MMP)

Multichassis multilink PPP (MMP) is an extension of multilink PPP (MP) in which the subscriber can consist of more than one computer. Basic MP is a communications protocol that enables a personal computer (PC) to use two PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) communications ports as if they were a single port of greater bandwidth.

MMP makes it possible for a wide area network (WAN) to collectively take advantage of MP, offering enhanced data transfer rates compared with dial-up connections for small businesses or other defined groups of end users. When the individual users are geographically distributed but have access to a single dial-up number, MMP allows the use of multiple dial-up access servers. The site uses a single telephone hunt group for all lines into the access servers. The computers negotiate for a connection termination point, providing optimum distribution of the available bandwidth.

PPP is a full-duplex protocol for communication between computers using a serial interface. PPP offers error correction and can handle synchronous as well as asynchronous data.

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