email response management service (ERMS)

An email response management service (ERMS) is a set of programs that automatically handles email messages and attachments according to user-defined rules. A comprehensive ERMS product includes reporting and history components to ensure that messages are not forgotten or misplaced. In addition, messages and attachments are backed up and archived. ERMS products are routinely used by small, medium and large enterprises, as well as educational institutions and government agencies.

Features of an effective ERMS include:

  • A browser-like, user-friendly interface.
  • Advanced antivirus software that scans continuously in real time.
  • Sorting and categorizing messages according to subject, date or other criteria.
  • Tracking the status of every message.
  • Counting and recording the number of messages transmitted and received per unit time.
  • Logging the source and destination for every message.
  • Logging and averaging response times for incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Logging and tracking follow-up messages.
  • Keeping track of unresolved customer questions or complaints.
  • Comprehensive, secure backup and archiving of all messages and attachments.
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