Transmeta is a Silicon Valley start-up company known for its recruitment of high profile talent and its Crusoe chip, designed for mobile Internet computing. David Ditzel (Sun UltraSparc) founded Transmeta in 1995 and recruited Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, to be a member of Transmeta's software team. (Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft is a major investor.) For four and a half years, the company operated in a shroud of secrecy, causing a lot of speculation about what Transmeta actually did. In November of 2000, Transmeta went public and revealed it had developed a low-power microprocessing chip called Crusoe (named after Daniel Defoe's shipwrecked character, Robinson Crusoe). Crusoe is the first of what Transmeta hopes will be a family of smart microprocessors for mobile Internet devices.

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