Phone numbers

To look up... Try...
Personal phone numbers (U.S.)
(the "white pages")
Switchboard (
To look up an e-mail address: Yahoo's People Search (
Business phone numbers (U.S.)
(the Yellow Pages)
1) BigBook (
2) BigYellow (
3) Switchboard (
Personal or business phone numbers (Canada)
in English and French
Canada411 (
Area codes (U.S.) Fast Area Code Lookup (
International phone numbers (business, personal, fax) 1) The Global Yellow Pages (
2) International Telephone Directory (
International country and city numbering guide World Telephone Numbering Guide (
North American Numbering Plan area code maps Download at the North American Numbering Plan home page (
Latest news about area code changes (public domain listing of changes to NANP) (
Detailed NANP information in orderable documents Traffic Routing Administration at Telcordia (
Other information about phone numbers Yahoo: Reference: Phone Numbers and Addresses (
This was last updated in April 2005

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