POX is an open source development platform for Python-based software-defined networking (SDN) control applications, such as OpenFlow SDN controllers. POX, which enables rapid development and prototyping, is becoming more commonly used than NOX, a sister project.

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The NOXrepo website lists the following POX features:

  • “Pythonic” OpenFlow interface.
  • Reusable sample components for path selection, topology discovery, etc.
  • “Runs anywhere” – Can bundle with install-free PyPy runtime for easy deployment.
  • Specifically targets Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • Topology discovery.
  • Supports the same GUI and visualization tools as NOX.
  • Performs well compared to NOX applications written in Python.

The project website says that the ultimate goal for POX is to use it to create “an archetypal, modern SDN controller.”

This was last updated in March 2013

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Hello ,
My name is Brahim
I am a student at the University of Samsum in Turkey.
I want to thank you for the court you've done on: Implementing a Layer-2 Firewall using POX and Mininet.
I have trouble understanding some things about POX.
In fact I'm starting out in that.
I created a topology that contains:
a switch s1
   and three host h1 h2 and h3
  I want to write a side on python so that the h2 is listening when h1 ping h3.
Thank you in advance.