Network Job Entry (NJE)

Network Job Entry (NJE) is an application designed for the transfer of commands, messages, programs, and jobs among different computing systems in a network. In effect, NJE facilitates the deployment of a "network of networks." NJE is an extension of Remote Job Entry (RJE) and was developed by IBM. Using NJE, it is possible for a user at any computer in a large, complex network to access the resources at any other computer in the network. This is true even if the two computers are clients of different servers. It is also possible to create and modify backups and archives on any other server or computer within the network. NJE streamlines the process of job routing and control. It allows for real-time communication among individual users, offers multilevel password protection, and is compatible with other industry-standard servers and clients. NJE is expandable and is easy to configure.

This was last updated in April 2007

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