In business since 1938, Molex manufactures electronic, electrical, and optical fiber connectors. Molex also makes a variety of switch and application tooling, especially crimp application tooling. Crimping is the metallurgical compression of a terminal around the conductor of a wire, which creates a common electrical path of low resistance and high current-carrying capabilities. A secondary crimp around the insulation of the wire provides support for insertion into a housing and allows the terminal to withstand shock and vibration. The crimp technology was developed as a substitute to soldering and the problems associated with it. Crimp terminations can be applied with a basic hand tool, a press and die set, a stripper crimper, or a fully automatic wire processing system.

Molex's Insulation Displacement Technology (IDT) is a wire termination technique in which an insulated wire is pressed into a terminal slot smaller than the conductor diameter, displacing the insulation and forming an electrical contact between the terminal and conductor.

Other Molex products include thermal acoustic products (noise reduction and thermal component products for quieting and cooling personal computers) and cable assemblies.

This was last updated in April 2007

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