Infranet Initiative

The Infranet Initiative is a collaborative effort to develop a high-performance universal public network that would serve as a supplement to the Internet for businesses and other high-demand users. The proposed network, called the infranet, would provide guaranteed security, reliability, and quality of service (QoS) for applications that are too demanding to run reliably over the Internet, such as utility computing, multi-provider VPNISPs (Internet service providers) will initially create individual infranets that will eventually be joined to create a global network.

According to the organization's charter, "Customers should be able to entrust mission-critical business and personal information to the public net work... (and) be able to select their preferred application and communication mode, confident that the network will automatically provide the appropriate security, quality and bandwidth. Customers should have access to high-quality, next-generation, multimedia communications services."

This was last updated in September 2005

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