FCAPS (fault-management, configuration, accounting, performance, and security)

FCAPS is a network management framework created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

FCAPS categorizes the working objectives of network management into five levels. The five levels are:  fault-management (F), the configuration level (C), the accounting level (A), the performance level (P) and the security level (S).

At the fault management level, network problems are found and corrected. Potential future problems are identified and steps are taken to prevent them from occurring or recurring. With fault management, the network stays operational, and downtime is minimized.

At the configuration management level, network operation is monitored and controlled. Hardware and programming changes, including the addition of new equipment and programs, modification of existing systems, and removal of obsolete systems and programs, are coordinated. At the C level, inventory of equipment and programs is kept and updated regularly.

The accounting management  level, which might also be called the allocation level, is devoted to distributing resources optimally and fairly among network subscribers. This makes the most effective use of the systems available, minimizing the cost of operation. The A level is also responsible for ensuring that users are billed appropriately.

The performance management level is involved with managing the overall performance of the network. Throughput is maximized, network bottlenecks are avoided, and potential problems are identified. A major part of the effort is to identify which improvements will yield the greatest overall performance enhancement.

At the security management level, the network is protected against hackers, unauthorized users, and physical or electronic sabotage. The confidentiality of user information is maintained where necessary or warranted. Security systems also allow network administrators to control what each individual authorized user can (and cannot) do with the system.

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