Constellation was the early name for the Communicator browser and related programs from Netscape Communications. It was intended to "make the information the interface," according to Netscape. Much as Windows lets a user set up a Web-oriented view of the computer desktop, Constellation (and later Communicator) created a view of user information objects and tasks in either a browser window or a full-screen display that includes both local objects and Web-located information. In the Constellation concept, the customized version of work objects in a window or a full-screen display was called a Homeport. The Homeport might display, for example, icons for your current work projects and documents, the latest news that has streamed in from news sources you have set up, and links back to the operating system interface. You could create multiple project views or desktops and switch back and forth.

Netscape did not implement all of the Constellation ideas and ceased to use the name once Communicator shipped.

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