Big Switch Networks

Big Switch Networks is a network virtualization and SDN (software-defined networking) company that was founded in 2010. Big Switch has headquarters in Mountain View, California. The company works with Technology Alliance Partners including Microsoft, Dell, Citrix, Broadcom, Brocade, and Ubuntu, and numerous others.

The founders of Big Switch Networks helped to originate OpenFlow, a protocol that allows a network to be programmed independently of the switches and data center gear. In November of 2012, Big Switch released an open SDN product suite for data center network virtualization comprising three elements:

  • Big Network Controller is a platform on top of which software applications run, automating the underlying fabric and, in theory, allowing an entire network to be controlled from a single console.
  • Big Virtual Switch virtualizes the network using existing servers , enhancing network flexibility and making use of resources in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Big Tap is a network monitoring application that uses OpenFlow-enabled switches to provide administrators with full network visibility, enabling them to scale the network to minimize operating costs.
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