Big Switch Big Network Controller

Big Network Controller is the SDN controller for the Open Software Defined Network (SDN), a product suite for network virtualization released in November of 2012 by Big Switch Networks. Two additional elements, called Big Tap and Big Virtual Switch, complete the package.

Big Network Controller facilitates dynamic services across a network with centralized control by taking advantage of OpenFlow (or similar protocols) to allow network control from a single server. According to Big Switch Networks, other notable features of Big Network Controller include:

  • Northbound APIs (application program interfaces) for deploying applications on a unified network.
  • Functionality in clusters as virtual systems or on physical servers.
  • Multiple control nodes can be deployed in a hot/warm cluster configuration.
  • Each cluster can support 1000 switches and more than 250,000 new host connections per second.
  • Built on an open core (called Floodlight) for use on diverse platforms.


This was last updated in March 2013

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