Arista Extensible Operating System (Arista EOS)

Extensible Operating System (EOS) is a scalable network operating system (OS) that offers high availability, streamlines maintenance processes, and enhances network security. A multi-process state-sharing architecture provides for fault containment, so that when problems occur in one part of the network, they will not easily spread to other parts. In addition, programs can in effect heal themselves when bugs or malware cause problems.

According to Arista, EOS offers a unique opportunity improve the functionality and evolution of next-generation data centers. The EOS has the following five key capabilities and benefits.

  • In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) reduces maintenance time by allowing updates to take place without interrupting the system.
  • Software Fault Containment (SFC) prevents problems from spreading beyond the modules in which they first occur.
  • Stateful Fault Repair (SFR) watches over the health of all system processes and resolves problems without disruption, often without users noticing.
  • Security Exploit Containment (SEC) detects vulnerabilities and confines them to the modules in which they originate.
  • Scalable Management Interface (SMI) facilitates automated system maintenance and updates.

The EOS is built on the Linux kernel, and offers open access to Linux tools and network services.

This was last updated in March 2013

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