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Interop 2015: Special conference coverage

Interop 2015From the conference floor of Interop 2015 in Las Vegas, SearchNetworking brings you information on the top trends, vendors and developments.


The decade's midpoint finds networking on the cusp of fundamental and transformational change -- from software-defined everything and cloud adoption to the Internet of Things and collaboration. Network engineers must carefully consider these evolving technological innovations even as they wrestle with the day-to-day demands of running their networks. Faster speeds, the increasing importance of mobility, application performance management: These are just a few of the areas engineers and administrators are examining as they position their networks to meet the business demands of tomorrow.  

SearchNetworking editors look at these trends and more at 2015 Interop Las Vegas, reporting what you need to know about the state of the industry -- from the data center to the WAN. 


Network Infrastructure

Learn about the latest trends shaping the Internet of Things, wide area networks and data center networking technologies.


Dell plans to cut typical 100 GbE switch price in half

Dell plans to sell a 100 GbE fabric switch at half the price of competing products to try to 'disrupt' the market through a low switch price. Continue Reading


HP modular switch prepped for faster Wi-Fi

HP's latest module for the HP 5400R zl2 ensures the hardware can handle the throughput from 802.11ac access points. The HP modular switch competes with the Cisco Catalyst. Continue Reading


CSX trains sights on improved network monitoring

CSX is keeping tabs on its vital communications and signaling infrastructure by upgrading its network monitoring capabilities. Continue Reading


Best of Interop 2015 award winners

This year, JumpCloud received the Best of Interop 2015 grand prize on top of its award for best application. Continue Reading


Software-defined networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) is becoming more real and less hype. Read about the moves made by vendors to take this technology to the next step.


Cisco adds policy-based security to ACI platform

Cisco blends threat protection to its ACI portfolio to enable security policies. Continue Reading


Extreme Networks SDN platform gets Skype for Business support

The latest version of the Extreme Networks SDN platform uses OpenDaylight to prioritize Skype for Business video conferencing. Continue Reading


Avaya SDN architecture includes new Ethernet switch line

Avaya SDN architecture includes a SDN-enabled Ethernet switch line, the ERS 5900 series. The switches will help extend SDN to the edge of the network. Continue Reading

3UC and wireless-

Collaboration and mobility

The implementation of Gigabit Wi-Fi means big changes to the data network. Find out what you should be doing next to make sure your network is ready.


What happens if you remove an acceptable use policy from guest Wi-Fi?

Requiring users on guest Wi-Fi to agree to an acceptable use policy (AUP) keeps lawyers happy, but it's far from user-friendly. Here's what happened when one IT pro removed his. Continue Reading


SDN promises real-time UC app, network dialogue

The promise of SDN for real-time communications is to give UC apps the network paths and priority they need to eliminate performance problems ---- and development is part way there. Continue Reading


When organizational politics dictate the Cisco vs. Microsoft decision

The Cisco vs. Microsoft decision doesn’t always come down to features and cost. Sometimes, organizational politics come into play. Continue Reading


Next era of wireless, IoT requires new enterprise mobile strategy

An enterprise mobile strategy that relies on legacy infrastructure can't keep pace with innovation in wireless and the Internet of Things, say IT pros. Continue Reading

4Manage and secure-

Network management and security

Maintaining a network isn’t just about making sure all the switches are plugged in and turned on; network management and security are essential to ensuring network health and performance. Find out what network engineers, industry analysts and vendors are saying.


IT talent shortage may be a misperception

The perceived IT shortage of talent may be exaggerated; natural biases and hiring processes seem to be ruling out appropriate candidates. Continue Reading


Dell boosts SSL traffic protection with SonicWALL TZ overhaul

The latest Dell SonicWALL TZ is faster than previous firewall models and better equipped to protect SSL traffic. Continue Reading


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