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Wireless LAN technology: A buyer's guide

This guide looks at wireless LAN technology and the evolution of cloud-controlled versus on-premises WLAN solutions. Learn what to look for when buying these products and examine the top WLAN products in the market.


Wireless LAN technology has evolved considerably over the past few years, and most enterprises now have to decide whether to deploy a cloud-controlled or a locally managed WLAN architecture. Organizations with complex networks that are highly dependent on Internet connectivity may find it more beneficial to use an on-premises network. By contrast, enterprises with geographically diverse locations may find it better to deploy a cloud-controlled wireless LAN technology. Both options have positives and negatives. This guide will help you determine what type of wireless LAN architecture is best for your organization and which WLAN products meet your needs.

1On-premises vs. cloud-

Enterprise wireless LAN: On-premises vs. cloud-controlled

On-premises WLAN and cloud-controlled WLANs have distinct use cases and benefits for organizations.


The on-premises vs. cloud-managed WLAN architecture debate

Although on-premises WLANs and cloud WLANs both offer significant advantages, determining which approach will provide the best return depends on several factors. Continue Reading

2Buying criteria-

Buying a wireless LAN solution for your enterprise

Not every WLAN product will fit your organization's needs. In this section, expert Andrew Froehlich examines major criteria to consider when buying wireless LAN technology for your enterprise.


How to buy the right on-premises WLAN for the enterprise

On-premises WLAN typically offers better performance than cloud-controlled products. Just be sure to consider these four factors, including WLAN security, when selecting a system. Continue Reading


How to buy the right cloud WLAN tools for your business

What should you know before buying a cloud WLAN product? Explore the considerations unique to your enterprise and select the cloud-controlled WLAN that's best suited to your needs. Continue Reading

3What to buy-

Which wireless LAN products should I buy?

Take a look at our comparisons of the leading cloud-controlled WLAN and locally managed wireless LAN technology vendors before you make your purchasing decision.


Which enterprise WLAN vendors are right for your business?

Performance, security and a ramp into the cloud are the reasons for locally controlled WLAN. Learn which enterprise WLAN vendors have the best products for your needs. Continue Reading


Choosing the best cloud-controlled and cloud-managed WLAN product

Confused about which cloud-controlled and cloud-managed WLAN products to buy for your company? It all depends on your needs. Compare these leading WLAN products. Continue Reading

4Top product overviews-

A glance at the top wireless LAN products

Wireless LAN technology is an integral part of an enterprise network. Take a look at the top WLAN products on the market.


Aerohive HiveManager: Access point product overview

To support cloud-controlled wireless LAN architectures, Aerohive access points can be managed both from the cloud and from an on-location controller. Continue Reading


Aruba wireless access points: Product overview

Aruba wireless access points consist of three product lines designed for small, midsize and large businesses. Continue Reading


Aruba wireless controller: Product overview

The Aruba wireless controller product line is designed for small, midsize and large enterprise deployments. Continue Reading


Cisco Aironet wireless access point: Product overview

Cisco wireless access points target a wide range of deployments, including small and midsized businesses, large enterprises, and warehouse or manufacturing environments. Continue Reading


Cisco wireless controllers: Product overview

Cisco wireless LAN controllers are designed for a wide range of environments, including small and midsize businesses and large enterprises. Continue Reading


Meraki wireless access points: Product overview

Meraki wireless access points support management from the cloud and are suitable for indoor and outdoor deployments, including environments with physical obstructions. Continue Reading


Ruckus SmartZone wireless access points: Product overview

Ruckus SmartZone wireless access points and controllers are designed for a wide range of environments, including indoor and outdoor AP deployments. Continue Reading

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